The White Road : A Pilgrimage of Sorts.

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The White Road : A Pilgrimage of Sorts

The White Road : A Pilgrimage of Sorts

publisher: Vintage Publishing
number Of Pages: 416
publication Date: 24 Sep 2015
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0701187700
ISBN-13: 9780701187705


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Product description

The White Road : A Pilgrimage of Sorts - This is a Sunday Times Top Ten Bestseller. "Other things in the world are white but for me porcelain comes first". A handful of clay from a Chinese hillside carries a promise: that mixed with the right materials, it might survive the fire of the kiln, and fuse into porcelain - translucent, luminous, white. Acclaimed writer and potter Edmund de Waal sets out on a quest - a journey that begins in the dusty city of Jingdezhen in China and travels on to Venice, Versailles, Dublin, Dresden, the Appalachian Mountains of South Carolina and the hills of Cornwall to tell the history of porcelain. Along the way, he meets the witnesses to its creation; those who were inspired, made rich or heartsick by it, and the many whose livelihoods, minds and bodies were broken by this obsession. It spans a thousand years and reaches into some of the most tragic moments of recent times. In these intimate and compelling encounters with the people and landscapes who made porcelain, Edmund de Waal enriches his understanding of this rare material, the 'white gold' he has worked with for decades. It was the Book of the Week on BBC Radio more

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